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EISC Studio 3
Integrated Development Environment


 EISC Studio는 EISC Processor를 이용한 Application을 개발할 때 Program Source편집, Compile, Debug환경을 제공하여 개발에 편의성을 제공한다. 또한 high-level programming language의 다양한 이미지, 그리고 source level에서 실행코드를 디버그할 수 있는 환경을 제공해 준다.



 Friendly User Interface like Microsoft Visual-Studio
- Source Edit/Compile
- Automatic Windows docking
- Project file Tree view
- Class / Function / Global variable Tree view
- Auto Generate Makefile
- Graphical Symbol Browser
- Support All EISC compilers

 Convenient Embedded Editor
- Syntax highlighting
- Column Editor
- Code Completion
- Smart Auto-indent
- Find and replace facilities
- Bookmark
- Move Up/Down Current Line
- Support for collapsible nodes(outlining)
- Supports various fonts and styles